Monday, 4 September 2017

How To Raise Healthy Racing Pigeons

Have you been racing pigeons for a while without winning constantly? It's disappointing to enter in race after race without a {victory|win. Or maybe you desire to raise pigeons for income. It is fun to raise pigeons, but it's more exciting to raise winning pigeons. Right here are three guidelines to keep pigeons that win contests.

1) Good health is imperative. When ever buying pigeons, buy only very healthy birds. Avoid to even look at everything else. Then make certain to provide a clean, secure loft. It must be spending dry with good ventilation and plenty of sun light. It may also be vermin proof to keep away rats and mice. 3 quarters of winning excellent health.

2) Cull greatly. When culling your loft area, remember, pigeons may be broken down into 2 groups: Good birds and bad birds. Color, looks and price have nothing to do with it. Great pigeons are the ones that win races and they aren't always the best looking. If a breeding pigeon basically producing winners, cull it. Forget how much you bought it for or how "special" it is. A few great birds is preferable to a loft filled with bad ones.

3) Allow races determine which birds to carry on raising and the ones to cull. It is a amazing pigeon fancier who can notify a victor by simply looking at its form or into its eyes. "The eye vision of the tiger" does not exist in pigeons. Give young birds time to develop, but do not keep losers in your loft. Winners breed winners. In the event you want to raise homing pigeons that win races, keep breeding pigeons that win races.

If you are serious about breeding healthy pigeons, get advice from winners. Sure, it's fun to discuss to your mates at the pub after a race, but learn from experts. Right now there are some great pigeon farming books that will help you turn your loft around if you take their advice.

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